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Google Settlement in a Nutshell

Karen Coyle has a fun and inciteful [blargh!] insightful take on the Google/AAP settlement, to wit:

This Google/AAP settlement has hit my brain like a steel ball in a pinball machine, careening around and setting off bells and lights in all directions. In other words, where do I start?

Reading the FAQ (not the full 140+ page document), it seems to go like this:

Google makes a copy of a book.
Google lets people search on words in the book.
Google lets people pay to see the book, perhaps buy the book, with some money going to the rights holder.
Google manages all of this with a registry of rights.

Now, replace the word “Google” above with “Kinko’s.”

Next, replace the word “Google” above with “A library.”

TILT! If Google is allowed to do this, shouldn’t anyone be allowed to do it?

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