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Library Usability Links 12/20/08

“Finally, we would like to conclude that working with user-centred design in combination with iterative development is a better, faster and cheaper way of software development, compared to traditional models. Better – the product being released at the end is a more up-to-date and bug-free version than had we worked with a more traditional approach. Faster – it is our conviction that with traditional methodology we would not have finished on time, or at least not with the same amount of features implemented. Cheaper – if the same number of people are able to do a better job in a shorter amount of time, it is a more cost-effective way of getting the job done.”

Part II features two chapters on recently developing evaluation methods, including usability testing and measuring library service quality through LibQUAL+. “Academic Library Research” is designed to be useful to scholars, practitioners, students and others interested in current trends in academic library research.

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