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Interesting DIY project using simple, consumer-grade cameras and an ingenious box frame to hold them. The project website is at According to their blog, they will be using two pieces of free software: scantailor for post-processing and djvubind for OCR, metadata and conversion to the djvu format.

Apple’s Kindle Killer Coming?


The rumors are beginning to be convincing: Book publishers have been in talks with Apple and are optimistic about being included as part of its new portable tablet-sized computer

State of ePaper 2009


Via The Centered Librarian here’s a roundup of the state of ePaper (which is not limited to Kindle clones apparently.)

CDL Introduction to E-books


Here’s a bookmark to a good introduction to e-books by Jane Lee (via Charles Bailey): E-books: Understanding the Basics
I especially like the bibliography, which I’m partially reprinting here:

ebook sales growth means new readers


Found via PC World, a new ebook reader is coming out for only $230: Foxit eSlick. The new reader is identical to the Kindle and Sony readers aside from not being ready for wireless downloading. What caught my eye today is this memo from Random House saying their ebook sales have grown 400% in 2008. […]

Library Usability Links 12/3/08


James Robertson writes about Practical Ways to Assess CMS Usability including the following: 1. Vendor demo 2. Involve end-users 3. End-user training 4. Demo sites 5. Reference sites 6. Proof of concept 7. Usability testing Gizmoto review of Sony’s PRS-700 ebook reader: Unfortunately, the “improvements” have taken away the very essence of the Reader—the easy-on-the-eyes […]

Google Settlement in a Nutshell


Karen Coyle has a fun and inciteful [blargh!] insightful take on the Google/AAP settlement, to wit: This Google/AAP settlement has hit my brain like a steel ball in a pinball machine, careening around and setting off bells and lights in all directions. In other words, where do I start? Reading the FAQ (not the full […]

Web Fiction


As a follow-up to a recent post on self-publishing fiction, I just ran across this promising website called the Web Fiction Guide. Here’s a blurb from their about page: It’s free.  It must suck. Fortunately, that’s not true.  Web comics are free, but some of them are better than what you’d get in a newspaper.  […]

Library Usability Roundup 9/26/08


Here’s a quick roundup of what’s happening with usability and libraries: University of Minnesota Library holds a Usability Lab Open House Springer releases a new study on eBook behavior at Universities which was conducted in conjunction with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,United States; University of Florida, United States; University Library of Turku, Finland; Centre […]

Creative Commons enters the Academic Press


I doubt this is the seminal instance, but I just heard an interesting On the Media podcast which talked to Cal Tech economics professor R. Preston McAfee about his textbook Introduction to Economic Analysis (ISBN 160049000X) which he has released using a creative commons license. This touches tangentially on a recent post I had on […]