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Networked Thinking


Extremely rewarding slide presentation by a Google UX researcher. The Real Life Social Network v2 View more documents from Paul Adams. Main takeaways for me: “Make no mistake about this. Everyone in this room will need to learn how to design social features on websites. Whether you like it or not.” (biggest surprise from our […]

Three Types of Social Networks


Found via elearnspace, here is a useful article from apophenia on the three types of social networks along with an important caveat:

Library Usability Links 12/20/08


An article published in Code4Lib Journal called “User-Centered Design and Agile Development: Rebuilding the Swedish National Union Catalog“. “Finally, we would like to conclude that working with user-centred design in combination with iterative development is a better, faster and cheaper way of software development, compared to traditional models. Better – the product being released at […]

Library Usability Links 12/11/08


I’m a fan of user personas, but building personas for applications is an interesting idea. identifies five fundamental social patterns: Public Timeline Asymetrical Follow News Feed Re-blogging Social Proof Via the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog: The Electronic Library 26, no. 6 (2008): Includes “A Metadata Manager’s Role in Collaborative Projects: The Rutgers University Libraries […]

Library Usability Links 12/3/08


James Robertson writes about Practical Ways to Assess CMS Usability including the following: 1. Vendor demo 2. Involve end-users 3. End-user training 4. Demo sites 5. Reference sites 6. Proof of concept 7. Usability testing Gizmoto review of Sony’s PRS-700 ebook reader: Unfortunately, the “improvements” have taken away the very essence of the Reader—the easy-on-the-eyes […]

Library Usability Links 10/10/08


iPhone users frustrated with mobile news website design The UKSG completed a 3-year study finding that link resolvers are driving article use among academic library patrons [doc] Southwester College student newspaper reports that single students hogging study rooms is impolite Michael Lascarides, the new usability analyst at NYPL, writes about the work of Willliam “Holly” […]

Library Usability links: 10/2/08


Activity in the library increases at Wake Forest U. after Starbucks is added. Increased social opportunities cited. The Bibliocommons team describe some of the findings they’ve run across by talking to users. Lots of very interesting points are made. New to me: Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI) which is released under a BSD license and […]

Ithakas Key Stakeholders Study for Academic Libraries


Ithaka has released an interesting study it has been working with since 2000 on academic libraries and faculty perceptions. What I like most from this is a useful model of academic library services that they’ve broken into three aspects: purchaser, archive, and gateway. They describe these as: The purchaser role was described in the survey […]

Is self-published fiction becoming fail-safe?


… and by “fail-safe” I mean safe to fail with minimal consequences. That’s the question I’m wondering about after viewing this Cory Doctorow lecture a couple of weeks ago: The transcript can be found here: A few key quotes: The Internet turns out to be much better at allowing people to form groups than […]

Clay Shirky Web 2.0 speech – updated


A quick bookmark post on Clay Shirky’s Web 2.0 speech from last week. It’s a great read in its entirety. Here are my favorite sections: So I tell [a television producer] all this stuff, and I think, “Okay, we’re going to have a conversation about authority or social construction or whatever.” That wasn’t her question. […]