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Bogus alt-metrics


Interesting article pointing out the dangers and gaming of article level metrics:

Library Journal’s 2012 report on ebook usage


Library Journal has released its latest report on ebook usage. Big jump in undergraduate use of ebooks:

“Ebook usage/circulation for the 2010–2011 academic year, on average, was
24,700, up considerably from the reported ebook circulation figure of 6,849 in
2009–2010. There was a major surge of undergraduate ebook circulation.
Community colleges are still lagging behind other types of post-secondary







Two-thirds of respondents expect ebook circulation to increase in the next year.
Overall, the anticipated increase in circulation expected by libraries is not terribly
dramatic, actually declining slightly from +17% last year to +15% this year.
‘Use slowed last year, we don’t have a full picture of use this year. Prices too high
with few if any discounts.’”

Gartner’s 2013 Strategic Tech Trends


Gartner has released an analysis of the top tech trends for 2013. Several interesting trends, but what caught my eye was the persistence of mobile apps:

For the next few years, no single tool will be optimal for all types of mobile application so expect to employ several. Six mobile architectures – native, special, hybrid, HTML 5, Message and No Client will remain popular. However, there will be a long term shift away from native apps to Web apps as HTML5 becomes more capable. Nevertheless, native apps won’t disappear, and will always offer the best user experiences and most sophisticated features.

Bookmark: new Amazon archival service


Missed this from last week. Amazon is offering a new archival service which appears to be secure storage of data for pennies per gigabyte per month.

via Fierce Content

Bookmark: digital research tools


Good collection of tools via Bamboo DiRT. I really like how they’ve broken down the various silos of research tasks.

Bookmark: Linked Data – why it’s important


Excellent rundown on why the WorldCat support for Linked Data is a big deal.

Bookmark: Pew Study on eBooks


Found via LJ’s InfoDocket: The Pew Internet report on eBook usage and perceptions.

The Art of Naming


For any project to get off the ground, a good name is a must:

The Art of Naming a Business

Bookmark: High-quality audio copying


Interesting 4-part workflow describing a high-quality technique for copying audio from TechKing.

Presentation on Networked Learning & Sympathetic Library Spaces

Below is a presentation I gave last week at ACRL’s IdeaPower Unconference in Philadelphia. Great format as it allows some fairly “edge” ideas (read “unproven”) out in the open.  The presentation narrative is in comment fields in the native pptx file,  and so you’ll need to download the file in order to understand what it’s about.
Connectivism tag: #CCK11

Networked Learning and Sympathetic Spaces in Libraries

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