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Library Usability Links 8/11/09


Eye Tracking: Oneupweb has an intriguing eyetracking presentation up that discovers “areas of interest” in a few social web sites Think Eyetracking has an interesting write up of ca. 1967 “gaze plots” Virtual Hosting offers 23 lessons from eye tracking studies which could marked “citations needed” Library Usability: Usability Post has an article on improving […]

Library Usability Links 6/22/09


Dawn Bastian Paschal is co-author of an interesting usability study on Colorado State’s digital collections in JAL 35 No. 3 Design Mind has an article on how designers can influence behavior ColoRotate has a fascinating take on the color picker A compelling account of Kristina Halvorson’s talk regarding Content Strategy Karen McGrane talks Content Strategy: […]

Library Usability Links 5/12/09


The IMLS Digital Collections and Content research group is designing a collections dashboard UsabilityPost has a list of 8 Characteristics of Successful User Interfaces UX Booth has a post on using color theory Simon Day shows the effects a small color change can have by analyzing heatmaps of the page Austin Govella describes six strategies […]

Accuracy of Eye-Tracking Algorithms


The Feng-GUI blog has a good analogy for imagining the accuracy of their attention tracking software. They compare it to the Photoshop “magic wand” tool’s ability to find an edge as opposed to a human eye’s ability, and provide these examples from a Berkely study: That’s a good comparison to heatmap accuracy. At some point, […]